• Special Texture Paper & Card
  • Metallics Paper & Card
  • Brochures, Tent Cards & Flyers
  • Stickers & CD Stickers
  • Non Tearable Sticker & Card
  • Print Size 13″ x 40″ (inch)

Xerox® Iridesse®

Up to six inline print stations that print in a single pass, at rated speed, with spot on colour-to-colour registration

Optional White, Clear, Silver, Gold, and Fluorescent Pink Speciality Dry Inks for enhancements and Media Expansion Low Gloss Clear

Xerox 1000

With our exlusive Style Switcher you will be able to choose any color you want for your website, choose the layout style (wide / boxed), website type (one page / normal), then generate the css that will be compiled by a {less} proccessor.


There are so many styles you can combine that is possible to create almost any kind of layout based on Porto Template, navigate in our preview and see the header variations, the colors, and the page content types that you will be able to use.